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26.11.17 - Online free SDR, 160m horizontal wire loop; click here to listen

30.07.13 - New Radio, Ordered today a second radio (IC-7100) with RemoteRig for a more simple and confortable remote operation

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received for 3765 QSO;
14477 LoTW confirmed.

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Mobile Antenna 02.09.2012: CablingÂ… External keypad from an old HDD box
CQ Bande Basse Italia 2010 FT8 Digital Mode Club CQ World Wide RTTY WPX Contest 2017 Diploma <<90 years of IARU>> (Issued by IARU)
The Final Courtesy? A QSL Card. I'm waiting QSL from...  
Last QSO   (Updated: 21.01.2021 15:17:05)
28.11.20 7Q7RU 10m SSB
24.11.20 7Q7RU 160m CW
24.11.20 7Q7RU 30m CW
24.11.20 W6TRH 15m FT8
24.11.20 YV5MBI 15m FT8
24.11.20 PJ4/DC7MO 15m FT8
24.11.20 7Q7RU 17m SSB
24.11.20 KH0/KC0W 15m FT8
24.11.20 7Q7RU 15m CW
23.11.20 7Q7RU 10m FT8
23.11.20 7Q7RU 15m FT8
23.11.20 7Q7RU 15m SSB
22.11.20 7Q7RU 60m FT8
Last 5 QSO confirmed (QSL or LoTW)
05.03.20 VP8PJ 15m CW
13.02.20 5I5TT 15m SSB
13.02.20 5I5TT 30m CW
13.02.20 5I4ZZ 80m FT8
13.02.20 5I4ZZ 30m FT8
14.02.20 5I5TT 40m CW
13.02.20 5I5TT 15m CW
13.02.20 5I4ZZ 15m FT8
13.02.20 5I5TT 20m SSB
29.02.20 VP8PJ 17m SSB
02.03.20 VP8PJ 30m CW
29.02.20 VP8PJ 30m FT8
04.03.20 VP8PJ 12m CW
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